Saturday, December 18, 2004

Another Post for Livingston to Delete

I find this new development very strange. Livingston is "punishing" me for not agreeign with him by deleting all my comments. Yet he criticizes similar behavior in others... Here is a post he deleted:

Here's the thing: This post is about how Witte should not attack people. But Livingston attacks The Dean. He does not let me post for no reason other than that I disagree with him on the issue of gay rights.

But I have let him (or someone posing as him) comment extensively on my own site. I have hosted about fifty comments on the issue of gay rights. Now, this past week, when I have recapped the issue and opened up a discussion forum to make discourse easier, Livingston has run away and started to hide like a child.

When will Mr. Livingston step up to the plate?


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