Friday, October 14, 2005

Archived Comments

Leave nothing slanderous or libelous, and it will not be deleted from this blog. Use it to prove whether I am being unfair. If I delete anything, I will capture a screen shot first as proof that the comment did not advance the argument. If you see a deleted comment, and would like to see its screenshot, email me: dean AT deanofcincinnati DOT com.

Monday, December 20, 2004

Racism, Anyone?

So Livingston says I wish to call black people racial slurs. This is not true. I did use the n-word to make a point about how discrimination is inappropriate, and Livingston won't let it go. Here's the really interesting thing:

Take a look at this picture of his girlfriend:

Racial slurs, anyone? I would never do anything so crude in public.

Yickety Yak: The Post Livingston Disallows

I probably don't need to bother saying this, but be it known that Paul McGhee has nothing to do with my debating Livingston about how his stance on gay rights is fallible. Livingston is so paranoid, he resorts to cheap character assassinations of people not involved to forward his own agenda. Pitiful.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

More Deletions: Livingston Tries To Woo Republicans

I just posted this in response to Livingston's article bashing white liberals. It will probably only be up for a few before he deletes it:

"Do you think the Republicans are more likely to fund you if you keep forwarding racialized comments about white liberals? If you were interested in being balanced, you would find those white conservatives who also behave badly. You would begin a dialogue about improving relations with whites of either political persuasion. I think you are just making a career move, and it is so transparent to all of us. If you run for council, we will not be so easily duped. And I am not saying this because you are black. Being black does not prevent you from being a fool."

The Saga of Livingston's Deletions Continues

In this latest installment, Livingston accuses me of being rude by not respecting that I have been "banned" from commenting on his site. Though, to be sure, he never asked me to stop posting, he just "banned" me. Should I respect being told by another what I can or cannot do for no real reason? So, since he cannot really ban me, he must delete my comments manually.

Here is my latest comment, posted to his entry about white liberals:

"Jerry Springer's website does not contain your offensive lies about my family and my character. You are a race-baiter, and you are unfit to serve for office because no public leader should ever be on record making the kinds of comments you have made of me."

The thing is, he makes totally offensive comments about me and my family, but then he thinks I will not respond. If he wants me to stop doing this, then I suggest he check his absurd anger and start thinking rationally.

Livingston Resorts to Personal Attacks of No Substance

I just found this on Livingston's blog. He deleted a comment I wrote, then posted this. It demonstrates the narrow nature of his thinking. All his claims are false:

"Jason Haap is banned for two reasons. First, because he is a dishonest liar. Second, because he is a racist desiring to call black people Niggers.

Your excuse that it is me who has the problem because I can't understand the "paradical nature" of Jason's website is typical of racist-sympathizers. Jason thinks he is funny. He thinks it is clever to argue in circles. I think it shows he is childish and needs to grow up.

I grow tired of white people who say they can't be racist because they have a relationship with a Black person. Just because Thomas Jefferson had sex with a Black woman and fathered a child by her doesn't make him an enlightened non-racist. Same for Jason.

Jason had an opportunity to prevent being banned from the blog. He chose not to take it. If you want to discuss this further go to his website, send him an email, or create your own blog. There won't be any more discussion of Jason Haap on this blog."

Livingston Deletes Another Post

Livingston deleted my post about Nick Spencer and white conservatives on council -- and remember that this was posted to an article about Leslie Ghiz (the subject of Spencer's endorsement), so it was totally on topic.

One person called the comment stupid without offering any rationale. So I posted this. It may be live on Nathan's site for the next few hours, but I'm sure he will delete it:

What is stupid about the post? Is race irrelevent when thinking about the racialized comments of a white conservative?

What's stupid is deleting comments for no apparent reason. It's not like it would be difficult to make a new account.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Will Livingston Delete This, Too?

So I posted the following at the Black Blog, and I didn't even mention anything about my being deleted or gay rights. It was in response to a discussion started by a user named "chris" about who should fill the upcoming vacant council seat. As you will see, this is a perfectly appropriate comment:

I am forever haunted by a comment made by Nick Spencer. He said that if Ghiz did not get the appointment, it would make it harder for white conservatives to get elected to council seats in the future.

I am fearful of the racialized sense of that statement. I don't know where it leads, but in any discussion of this sort, I feel a need to bring it up.

Another Post for Livingston to Delete

I find this new development very strange. Livingston is "punishing" me for not agreeign with him by deleting all my comments. Yet he criticizes similar behavior in others... Here is a post he deleted:

Here's the thing: This post is about how Witte should not attack people. But Livingston attacks The Dean. He does not let me post for no reason other than that I disagree with him on the issue of gay rights.

But I have let him (or someone posing as him) comment extensively on my own site. I have hosted about fifty comments on the issue of gay rights. Now, this past week, when I have recapped the issue and opened up a discussion forum to make discourse easier, Livingston has run away and started to hide like a child.

When will Mr. Livingston step up to the plate?

Will This Get Deleted?

Posted to Livingston's Black Blog on an entry about Pete Witte needing to learn not to treat those he dislikes badly:

Livingston does not believe in attacking people to make himself look good? Then I presume this post will not turn into a deleted blogger fingerprint, since he has no reason to delete me other than the fact that he lost a debate about gay rights. I even opened up a discussion forum so he could more easily defend himself. I take his absence from the forums as testament to his loss.

Friday, December 17, 2004

Fahrenheit 451 meets Cincy Blogosphere

Nathan Livingston has joined the ranks of people afraid to hear what The Dean has to say. He now deletes my comments from his site because I do not agree with his heterosexism.

You can still find me faithfully at my home: The Dean of Cincinnati.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Find The Dean Online

If you found this article, you probably saw my posts on someone's blog. You can find my online home by clicking here: The Dean of Cincinnati.

At my home site, you can find more of my comments. You can event find those comments bloggers like Nick Spencer keep deleting!