Sunday, December 19, 2004

The Saga of Livingston's Deletions Continues

In this latest installment, Livingston accuses me of being rude by not respecting that I have been "banned" from commenting on his site. Though, to be sure, he never asked me to stop posting, he just "banned" me. Should I respect being told by another what I can or cannot do for no real reason? So, since he cannot really ban me, he must delete my comments manually.

Here is my latest comment, posted to his entry about white liberals:

"Jerry Springer's website does not contain your offensive lies about my family and my character. You are a race-baiter, and you are unfit to serve for office because no public leader should ever be on record making the kinds of comments you have made of me."

The thing is, he makes totally offensive comments about me and my family, but then he thinks I will not respond. If he wants me to stop doing this, then I suggest he check his absurd anger and start thinking rationally.


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