Sunday, December 19, 2004

Livingston Resorts to Personal Attacks of No Substance

I just found this on Livingston's blog. He deleted a comment I wrote, then posted this. It demonstrates the narrow nature of his thinking. All his claims are false:

"Jason Haap is banned for two reasons. First, because he is a dishonest liar. Second, because he is a racist desiring to call black people Niggers.

Your excuse that it is me who has the problem because I can't understand the "paradical nature" of Jason's website is typical of racist-sympathizers. Jason thinks he is funny. He thinks it is clever to argue in circles. I think it shows he is childish and needs to grow up.

I grow tired of white people who say they can't be racist because they have a relationship with a Black person. Just because Thomas Jefferson had sex with a Black woman and fathered a child by her doesn't make him an enlightened non-racist. Same for Jason.

Jason had an opportunity to prevent being banned from the blog. He chose not to take it. If you want to discuss this further go to his website, send him an email, or create your own blog. There won't be any more discussion of Jason Haap on this blog."


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